Season 4, Episode #14: “Vocal Fry”

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RJ, STB, and Peter start a Drac-less evening normally, but end up getting in touch with their feminine sides. Sports devolves into David Beckham, the “vocal fry” trend, hair, milkshake recipes, and, unfortunately, more.

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UPDATE:Show Notes added Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 1:44 PM EDT

  • Taser Ball
  • Thai ad
  • Vocal fry example 1
  • Vocal fry example 1
  • Nuts
  • parati

    I’m with ya Pete, hairs been thinning for years, worst feeling in the world – slowly watching it fade away. RJ can go fuck himself with his non-problem of graying hair.

  • Cloth Garth

    My thing is real ready for this. My thing.

  • Drac

    What an awesome ep. The “vocal fry” girls being all into Beav’s bush cracked me the hell up. Could’ve used more boons, though.

  • kornkrlz

    Ohhh man TZ is back baby!

  • Mush Mouth

    All this talk about you guys being old. Pete needs to rerdraw the caricatures and make them older with the gray hair and bald heads. Beaver can hold up a cane instead of his axe. There needs to be IV tubes and wheelchairs included. and someone needs to be in a casket.

  • Israel

    I’ll probably play DC Universe now.

  • Peter

    how about I put mush mouth in a casket.

  • Mush Mouth

    @Peter haha. It would be an honor.

  • Mush Mouth

    Don’t like the idea Peter?

  • Wonderful Ned

    Hahaha the shows about random anything are the best!
    Wonderful Pistacios has (had?) Snookie as their official mascot or representative or what, so you’ll never know…

  • STB

    While this episode is fresh, please remember to rate/review Tapezilla on iTunes (

  • RJ

    I feel like TZ’s gone through something of a rebirth this week. Now, it’s time to do my daily DCUO missions…

  • Required Name

    So bad it shattered my own kneecap.

  • Erect Ron

    I’m fine with shattering a kneecap as long as it doesn’t shatter my firm erection.

    – Erect Ron

  • Rick

    I want proof of this firm erection 😉

  • Wonderful Ned

    I think I’m boned… Pete is horrified by the TOTLT results, and I based my brackets almost completely on what he’d pick!

  • kornkrlz

    this shit is rigged when pete is involved.  obviously his
    opinion is more important than rj stb and drac.

  • Pete

    at least you guys get it.